Hi,I am Feng, the mother of three lovely babies.I have done the clothing industry since 2000. At first I worked as a personal clothing customization assistant. What I didn't expect was that I fell in love with it all of a sudden, learned new things every day, and had fun in it. Later I found that my level was limited and there were many things to learn.

To by coincidence, I went to a Sino-Japanese joint venture company and started working as a sewing worker, to a pattern worker, to the chief of the technical department. In these 8 years, I have learned a lot of professional knowledge and skills in the clothing industry, but my dream is to become an excellent fashion designer. Realize that my level is still far from dream. So I went to Japan to study further. During the three years of studying in Japan, I gained a deeper understanding of clothing, at the same time strengthened some of their professional skills. After returning to China, I have been engaged in clothing design and private customization. At the same time, I continue to improve my comprehensive level by learning craftsmanship, pattern making, and clothing color matching.