Our Story

The story of D&J Newborn and Maternity Photography Props is more than a story of a company; it is our love story...

Both our brand name and logo carries our initials, D & J, for Don and Judy. And our logo carries a special meaning – but that is a secret we keep to ourselves!

In the beginning of 2011, we found ourselves in a difficult situation.Circumstances had separated us by forcing us to live far apart. To comfort me, Don told me the following words;

“People say, that if you keep yourself busy with work, you have no time to think about how much you miss me.”

 That let me to found our company, focusing on designing and producing hand-knitted and crocheted products.

 After about half a year, a friend of mine, who worked in photo studio, suggested that we should try designing and producing props specifically for newborn and maternity photo sessions.

Fortunately, many of such products are already hand-knitted and crocheted, so it really fitted our niche.

 Since the very beginning, when designing new products, we strive to keep as much of our production hand-made as possible. We want to resist the temptation of having our products produced in factories to cut cost. So we instead can offer exclusive high quality hand-made products to our customers. Even if we make less profit, we refuse to forget what we decided when we founded our company. In our eyes, this company is like our baby. It was born out of our love and we want it to grow in a healthy fashion.


 Development of rural area

 Even though our office is located in Shanghai, our founder, Judy,comes from the small village of Xuzhou, Jiangsu province, in China. Most people living there are farmers. To make a living, many

people have to move to the bigger cities where there are more job opportunities. For many of these people the long distance and shortage of money makes it difficult for them to come back to their hometown to see their families. We hope our hand-made products can create more jobs for the local people in the area, so that they can have a stable income and improve their standards of life without leaving home.

We know from personal experience what it means to be apart from family and loved ones, so we hope we can help with the development in the area to keep families together.


 Preservation of original crafts

 Many, especially the young, people seem to forget the traditional skills from their home region, when they leave for the opportunities in bigger cities. With this in mind, we think it is really sad to see the loss of traditional skills, like hand-knitting and crocheting, and really want to pass them down the generations by letting more young people know and learn those skills.


Hand-made quality products

 Just as every child is unique, we believe that the memories captured in photos of your pregnancy and newborn child should be something special. These photos will be enduring memories of the beginning of your child’s life, so we are here to offer unique hand-made props to make sure that the memories of your baby are captured perfectly!