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My name is Iris de Zwart, mother of a beautiful daughter and I am the owner of Mylieve Photograpy. After the birth of my daughter, I started to follow my dreams, and that was photography. It has always been an interest of mine, and after a few photography and newborn courses, a lot of experience and a new camera my dream came true. I photograph in my home studio in the Netherlands, and beautiful outdoor locations in my neighborhood. I am working together with D&J Newborn & maternity photography props, so I often make pictures of their products so clients can see the great quality and reality of the products.You can see my work on my facebook page ‘Mylieve Photography’ and my website www.mylievephotography.nl .
If you have questions about products I photographed, feel free to contact me on my e-mail mylievephotography@outlook.com or my facebook page.



Hi, I am Virginie Hanquinaux, a family photographer from Belgium, Europe. Photography has always be my passion and since 2017 I founded my own photography studio named VH Fotografie. I feel very blessed to be able to take pictures of families and babies, they are memories for life and will last generations. Since I became a mother myself, I specialized in newborn and maternity photography. I find it absolutely beautiful and magical to see a woman become a mother, a couple become a family, and I'm very honoured that I can immortalize these moments for my clients. 
For maternity and newborn photoshoots, I like when they are perfectly styled, this add a magical dimention to make the pictures unique and look like a fairytale. This is why I love the props from D&J photography photo props; the quality is great. The dresses for maternity photo's are making moms look fabulous and blankets for newborn and baby photography are super soft and comfortable for the babies. 
You are worth it Exist in Photos Take this time for yourself. My goal is to provide the best portrait experience possible. My promise is to deliver! If you aren't completely thrilled with your images •DON'T BUY THEM• How do you want to be photographed? Who do you want to bring to your session? Would you like a stylist to do your hair & makeup? Do you want an on location or indoor shoot... or BOTH? Give me a call or send a message. I am happy to talk to you about creating a special session for you. I have a full studio in Dublin, Texas & also travel for my clients.





Hi Guys! Welcome by Kimberley Soraya Photography. I am a very enthusiastic and passionate newborn, baby and kids photographer located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
I have been photographing for a number of years now. I started with portraits, landscapes and I occasionally photographed at events for photographers, models and make-up artists, which is really super cool to do! But.. Since 2016 when my daughter was born, I became more and more interested in photographing children. And this is where these days my passion actually lies! Newborn, baby and kids photography. All ages have something special, and every child is different, so this is why i love to photograph kids. Each photo is unique. Each has its own story and is a memory for a lifetime. Especially for children this is fantastic to be able to see back later!
Since August 2018 i have my own studio in Ridderkerk, The Netherlands, but i also love to do outdoor shoots (especially maternity shoots are beautiful outside!) And since approx. 2017 i have been working together with Judy, owner of D&J Newborn & maternity photography props. I help them with beautiful quality photos of their lovely products for their website, and they help me with a variety of newborn and baby props and maternity dresses to make all of my photo sessions complete. Love to work together with them, Judy is an awesome and very creative woman and I can definitely recommend their products! You can find my work at www.ksphotography.nl and at Facebook & Instagram.




Hi, the Secret Image photography begans with the passion of shoot babies, in the capital from Brazil we started to creat sessions with love and creativity. We felt blessed to be with babies, they are pure, and we feel gratefull to be in the hole of families and eternity their love, this is wonderfull. This is our mission, memories for generation to the families. We got specialized in newborn and maternity sessions, for that we use the products form D&J photo props, they are perfect and made with love as our job!


GMP Photography is a Photography studio based in spring hill. We specialize in family, maternity, and wedding photography. The experience I offer is unlike any other photography studio in the area. Each session is completely unique to each client and unlike any other session. I strongly believe that the best, most beautiful photography should be one-of-a-kind. That being said, it’s important to make the entire experience, from beginning to end, one-of-a-kind and unlike any other. 




My name is Elpidia with Hope Photography. I am a portrait photographer based in Houston, TX since 2011. Throughout the years, I have grown a huge passion to capture memories that last a lifetime. For me, it's not just about pressing a button, it's about creating a memory that will last a lifetime to come. I have the pleasure of doing a lot of maternity. D&J has been a blessing with their maternity gowns after I was introduced to them, through a client of mine. Their gowns and newborn accessories are extremely stylish, have great prices, great quality and give my work the perfect touch every time!



Young autodidactes, Cris and Ben welcome you to their studio located in the Liége in Belgium. Parents of two little girls of 4 years and 8 months, photography is above all a shared passion. From thread to needle after responding to several requests from friends and family, we created Little Dream Photography. I like to find the smile of the parents when they arrive at the studio and let me free to sublimate this magic moment that is the round pregnancy or to capture the very first days of your children .... Photography captures the ephemeral moment of that precious moment of your life and leaves you with memories for eternity. A treasure to be transmitted later of all these important moments of a life ...




“Colors, harmony and esthetic were a crucial part of my life….

When my first son was born, I have realized that the whole gray tones of monotone business life were capturing me.

Instead, I wanted to live life and capture light and colors.

Therefore I have decided to capture the light for you and for myself and decided to submit the light that I captured via photographs to your appreciation.”



Hey Mama! My name is Cara, I am a mom, a wife and a photographer. My days consist of homeschooling my 7 year old and chasing around my toddler making sure she isn’t taking something apart or climbing inside something she shouldn’t be in. I am officially done having babies, I have one boy and one girl and that is all I need… BUT I miss squishy baby faces and those little toes like you would not believe! That is why I specialize in maternity, lifestyle newborn, and motherhood photography. Yes, I also photograph other types of sessions, but what really pulls at my heart is maternity, newborn and motherhood.

To me a picture isn’t just worth 1,000 words it also holds emotion. To me photos are our own personal time capsules of joy, sadness, and sometimes pure awe of a moment in time.

This is my love, this is what makes me happy every day to have the job that I have. I want you to look at your photos and OO and Ahh and heck even cry! I want you to show these photos to your kids and grand kids and tell them how happy you are to have these memories to share with them. I want to help you start your family’s legacy that will be passed on for generations. So, now that you know what I do and why I do it, let’s get chatting and get your amazing journey started!

My name is Ashley, I own Ashley Tuttle Photography. I am based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Photography is my biggest passion! After having my first of three little ones, I knew just how important capturing every milestone was. My husband bought me a camera and I was obsessed with capturing every special moment and all the tiny details! I photograph almost everything but specialize in birth and newborn photography. I now have a beautiful studio where I spend most of my days capturing memories for people to love, enjoy and pass down for generations to come!







"Hello, I'm Martine !
I am since 2013 Photographer in my account, then since 2015 Specialized in Artistic Photography of Pregnancy / Newborn / Children & Family
in France in our beautiful region New Aquitaine where I am installed in Creuse (23) more
precisely at Verrines, a place known as the commune of Saint-Sulpice le Dunois.
I chose to practice my activity in Home-Studio, we are only 23 minutes from Guéret and La Souterraine, 5 minutes from Dun-le-Palestel.
I decided to specialize in the Artistic Photography of Newborns and Pregnant Women after my own experience of Mom, and I would say even following my 2nd delivery which revealed me totally in this role where I would not have been imagined a few years ago where I imagined myself an event photographer for your weddings, baptisms or communions.
I did not have the Chance to immortalize my 2 Pregnancies, nor the first days of life of my 2 Princesses, and that is what gave me the desire and the craze to offer you this Chance.
To be able to offer you what I regret so much.
I propose all year Shooting Studio and / or Outside when the weather allows us. I organize every year also Minis-Sessions with unpublished Themes.
I love more than anything to follow you throughout your adventure, and meet all these new people.

- Cordialement, 

- Martine Gentil Photographie -






Graphic Designer & Journalistic Portrait Photographer

“My passion for everyone is to feel beautiful & strong in their current status and to reach their goals and triumph over fears, whether it’s personal or professional. All this while being you and staying Gorgeous!”

Get to know the designer, that’s me Yay! ja design and photo is a freelance design and photography company started by myself, Julie Ann Johnson. Who the heck am I you say? Well, I’m a small town Sandusky, Ohio girl gone big in the Cleveland and surrounding areas! I love design and any creative avenue that gets me there, (well within legal and moral reason). From Graphic Design and Photography to many multi-medias, I am experienced with some of the top brands in the area. Educated with my BFA in Graphic Design and AS of Art, I am continually learning and loving the newest trends!

I stand on the belief that professionalism doesn’t always have to feel so black and white. The world is full of color and why shouldn’t it be represented well in our designs but still in a professional way? That’s where I step in.

I want to design and/or photograph you or your company the way that shows the unique colorful you! A creative, trendy and journalistic style is my approach with style-versatility and clean end results are always in my design palette! Let me excel in your creative expectations that you have been waiting to explore! Be You and Stay Gorgeous!